Rates & Services

Dog Walking – Midday visits
Rates: $25+ per visit

Pets need exercise just as much as we do. While you are at work or away, Petzercise specializes in keeping your pets in shape for happier, healthier lives. Midday walks or just playing in the yard will also work off some of your pet’s energy that might otherwise be used for mischief while you’re out. An additional $10 will be charged for each walk on all Major holidays.

Major Holidays:
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Pet Sitting Visits
Rates: $25+ per visit

We provide in-home care for a variety of pets including dogs, cats, lizards, birds, and more. Each 30 minute visit includes feeding, playtime, walks, and any custom care your pets may require. While we’re visiting your house, we’ll pick up your mail and newspaper, water your indoor plants, and ensure that your home is secure. An additional $10 will be charged for each walk on all Major holidays. (See above)

Overnight Stays
Rates: $95+ per night (10-hour minumim)

Each overnight period is a minimum of 10 hours from dinner to breakfast 6 pm – 8 am.  Our Petzercise professional will stay overnight with your pet(s) to ensure their comfort while you’re away!  This service also includes watering plants, bringing in the mail, and taking the garbage to their curb. If you would like pictures sent to you during the evening/day, we would be more than happy to provide this service as well at no extra charge.  An additional $20 will be charged for overnight stays on all Major holidays. (See above)

Rates: $25+ per visit

Have peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) is/are comfortable and safe in their own home. We visit your home a minumum 3 times a day and will provide your pet the services listed above. Relax and enjoy your vacation without the thought of your pet being crated elsewhere, surrounded by other strange animals and noises. We help make your pet’s “vacation” a pleasurable experience as well.  Dogs require a minimum of 3 visits per 24 hours. Cats require 1 visit per 24 hours. On all major holidays, 1.5x will be charged for each walk. (See above)

Rates: $25 one way $35 RT (local only)

If your pet has an appointment that you can’t get to, we can help out!  We provide secure, safe transportation to and/or from where your pet needs to be. Please contact us for additional information – rates may change for mileage and holidays.

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